Jason Jackson, also known as (J-Xtra) is the main protagonist of the film, School Dance. He is Mamma Tawanna's son, Anastacia's boyfriend, and Day Day's younger cousin. He is portrayed by Bobb'e J. Thompson.


Jason is a high school student that wants to just fit in, he wants to be apart of the most popular dance clique in school "The Rangers" so he can impress his longtime crush, Anastacia, who she really remembers him from is when he peed on her by accident in preschool. Jason then asks The Rangers, if he can join but they say he has to pass their initiation of getting a pair of Sweet Girl panties by midnight. So Jason gets his chance by asking Anastacia for her number after helping her in class. Jason is also good at both dancing and rapping, but the dance will also give Jason a chance to overcome his fear of performing because he tends to freeze in the spotlight. At the lock-in, while playing 7 Minutes in Heaven, Jason and Anastacia talk to each other and she tells him that she knows what she was trying to do. They then have their first dance and later Anastacia saves Jason and The Ranger$ from being killed by her brothers, not before Jason blocks a bullet for Anastacia. Anastacia then stands for what she wants, as she becomes Jason's girlfriend and goes with him to the hospital.