School Dance is a 2014 American comedy drama musical film directed, written, and produced by Nick Cannon. The film stars Bobb'e J. Thompson, Mike Epps, Luenell, Katt Williams, Lil Duval, George Lopez, and Wilmer Valderrama. The film was released on July 2, 2014, in select theaters, VOD, and digital HD.


Jason Jackson tries to get his crush, Anastacia, to notice him but the problem is she doesn't know who he is or that he exists. So he tries to get in the most popular dance clique in his school "The Rangers", but he has to pass their initiation of trying to get a pair of panties from one of "The Sweet Girls". Jason then tries to prove himself worthy of being one of them at the annual school dance lock-in, but things go amazingly crazy. Meanwhile, Jason has to get past his battle-ax of a mother, survive Anastacia's gangster brother, and pass the group's initiation by midnight. Also, Day Day has to pay $2,000 to Anastacia's eldest brother, Junior by midnight due to his dad, Darren telling Junior that Day would pay him.