The Ranger$ is the three of the leading protagnists in the film, School Dance, and the most popular rap and dance clique in Monte Vista High School. They are portrayed by Julian Goins, Langston Higgins, and Dashawn Blanks. They formerly had a fourth member named Arvon Nicholson who left because they were not good enough. Ever since then they have been significantly worse and nobody even talks about them anymore.


Julian is the second leader , wise-cracking, the immature, and most womanizing in The Ranger$, he is also the one who also collects the most panties from the girls from school he has had sex with . Julian at first didn't like Jason, he would usually tease him about his small penis and height, and said Jason wasn't "Ranger" material, but changed his perspectives of Jason when broke his fear and helped The Ranger$ try to win the contest. Julian also had sex with Big Booty Becky.and la bocina dominguez

Day DayEdit

{he is so cute}Day Day is also Jason's older cousin but Jason thinks he didn't notice him even though until he met Day at a family reunion, but Day Day does see him in gym at school. Meanwhile, Day owes Flaco and Anastacia's brother, Junior $2,000 due to Darren (Day Day's father) telling Junior and his crew that Day Day was going to give it to him. After losing the contest to the Sweet Girls, Day Day confronts the Esès with Jason and the Ranger$ but luckily Anastacia gives them the $2,000 to leave him alone


Langston is fine asf and is single hopefully. Langston is the one that think Jason can make it in The Ranger$ and got what it takes. Langston is also the cool and chillest member of the group. Langston is also a very good rapper and of course, dancer. Langston is also the one member that does the best backflips. Langston also had a fictional younger sister named "Juicy", who was portrayed by director Nick Cannon.and he is the leader and langston hi like la bocina Dominguez